What should I do if the enquiry shows that my personal data has been illegally disclosed?

26 July 2019

Dear clients,

If you have made an enquiry and it shows that your personal data has been unlawfully disclosed, it is important for you to know that you do not need to take extraordinary action.

You do not need to change your identity documents.

There is no immediate risk that someone will dispose of your property or assume obligations on your behalf because of the unlawfully disclosed data. This has been confirmed by the Chamber of Notaries, the banks, the fast loans and leasing companies, and the Registry Agency.

We advise you to be cautious when contacted by telephone or by e-mail and give no financial information to anyone.  

For further security, you can change the password of your email account and the NRA generated personal identification code (PIC).

What concrete data on me have been leaked?

It is important to know that the unlawfully disclosed data is partial and does not allow for anyone to navigate through your overall assets.    

We are currently comparing the illegally disclosed tax and social security information with that in our real databases, in order to check whether published data has been supplemented or tempered with.  

Once we have done this, we will also be able to provide information on the specific type of data that has been disclosed.

Until then, it is sufficient to read the NRA’s recommendations in relation to personal data at https://nap.bg/en/document?id=418.

Created on: 26.07.2019