Submission of Intrastat declarations and control of data

On-line submission of Intrastat declarations is possible only via the web portal of NRA for electronic services accessible with “qualified” electronic signature for identification of the users.

 Entry into the portal for electronic services accessible with “qualified” electronic signature

In the cases as per Art. 19, para 1 of Ordinance No N-4 of 21 December 2007 for the Implementation of the Intrastat System, the Intrastat declaration is submitted in electronic form on electronic media, accompanied by a letter for technical incapability, to the territorial directorate/office where the Intrastat operator is registered for VAT purposes.

An Intrastat declaration is accepted only when it complies with the requirements for type, structure and content of the declaration and the provided data satisfies the quality criteria incorporated into the data validation module of the Intrastat information system.

For questions or comments in connection to the Intrastat system please call 0700 18 700 or send an e-mail to [email protected]