Software and user guides

Important! Before updating the off-line application “Intrastat Operator Module” (IOM) please read carefully the “Guidelines for Installation and Updating of IOM” (currently available only in Bulgarian).

Important! Intrastat operators which use the IOM software shall install the version of the application for the corresponding year.

For initial entry into the software module you have to register with user name “intrastat” and password “intrastat”. Both attributes can be changed afterwards through the function “Instruments” -> “Name of user/password”.

The decimal separator for all modules of the Intrastat Information system is the “dot” symbol (“.”). It is used only within two data fields:

- the “Netmass in kg” field – to separate the kilograms and grams;

- the “Quantity by supplementary unit” field – to separate the whole and up to thousandth decimal part of the value according to the supplementary unit of measure.

Manuals and guidelines in English are still pending.

 Converter for transformation of MS Excel file into XML file (currently provided only in Bulgarian)
Off-line “Intrastat Operator Module” (IOM) for Windows- 2020, English version 
Off-line “Intrastat Operator Module” (IOM) for Linux- 2020, English version  (currently provided only in Bulgarian)